·                    Ingredients 

Black dal 200 gm.
White dal  200 gm
Black dal  200 gm
White dal  200 gm
Green dal  200 gm
Moon dal  200 gm
Water  12 cups
Salt to taste  20 gm
Ginger  20 gm
Butter 50 gm.
Oil  50 ml
Shahi jeera  20 gm
Kastoori methi 10 gm
Tomato puree -500 500 Ml
Chili powder 20gm
Sugar 10gm
Cream 200gm
Green chili for garnish 1 no
To the dal, add water, 1 )Tbsp. salt and ginger. Cook until dal becomes tender.In a heavy based pan, heat butter and oil. Add shahi jeera and kasoori methi. When they begin to splutter, add tomato puree, remaining salt, chili powder and sugar.Stir-fry over high flame, till the oil separates.Add cooked dal and bring to boil. The consistency should be such that the dal should move around freely when stirred, otherwise add a little water.


 Total Values : 278 calories.

 Carbohydrates : 96 calories

 Proteins            : 34 calories

 Fat                     :152 calories

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